> Advance strategies and tools to promote an effective and practical communications infrastructure that educates people about the need to support global collaboration and multilateral organizations such as the United Nations.
> Direct cultural policy towards a process of authentic dialogue and fuller appreciation of cultural pluralism and multiculturalism.

> Promote global dialogue that facilitates greater cultural understanding, with particular focus on people to people exchanges between the West and Islamic world.
> Engage people to participate in a conversation on nuclear proliferation and weapons of mass destruction to find solutions that reverse current dangerous trends.
> Advance a paradigm shift in cultural thinking from the oppositional logic inherited from the Cold War era to a dynamic pluralist position in the context of the opportunities and realities created by globalization.
> Promote global citizenship by sharing common human heritage through stories of Diaspora communities and by highlighting the achievements of select global citizens.
> Strengthen civil society by providing access to means of production, post-production and distribution of documentaries, PSAs, soap operas and feature films to independent media makers and NGOs.