Israel/Palestine - US

Located mid-way between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam (which translates as "oasis of peace") is a community of 50 families, half Palestinian and half Jewish, all with Israeli citizenship.

Democratically governed by an elected secretary general and secretariat (mayor and city council), the village's mission is to demonstrate that Jews and Palestinians can live together as equals.

We explore the experiences of residents in this oasis of peace to underscore the message that "Peace is Possible." During even the most difficult times in Israel, the residents of the village have remained committed to this ideal.
Through their various educational projects (including an elementary school and school of peace for adults), they reach out to surrounding communities to further peace among Palestinians and Jews.

On a speaking tour in U.S. cities, two young woman residents of Neve Shalom (one Arab and one Jew) will share their experience of the village with strategically selected audiences and school groups in the US.

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