A free and independent media is crucial to the formation and consolidation of any stable system. In open societies, media - print and electronic - provide and disseminate information critical for citizens to develop opinions, formulate voting decisions, and generally participate in political processes.

The Middle East Media Project, in conjunction with existing institutions can play a significant role particularly if it reflects the diversity of views and interests that exist within various segments of society. To ensure that such diversity is advanced, it is necessary to foster the mechanisms that allow for a free and independent media. A key ingredient of the proposed program is building technical, managerial and artistic skills in the creation of an independent media sector. Acknowledging the effectiveness and versatility of television broadcast, the media program will be oriented to broadcast production using video, film and appropriate computer-related technologies. (please contact us for a detailed project description and estimate)

The primary goal of the Media Program is to establish sustainable centers located throughout Middle East. The objectives of the Media Program are to:
> Strengthen the capacity of civic organizations and independent media makers to gain access to television broadcasting.
> Foster the development of independent media.
> Promote the possibility of a peaceful and pluralistic future for a diverse ethnic, religious and political groups.
> Improve the technical skills in audio/video production and computer technologies of local residents and members of civic organizations.