NGO Media Production for Iran based on Citizen journalism

Capacity building Media & Program Producing TV and Radio

This media NGO will contribute in gathering and producing of programs for broadcasters like BBC (Persian service),
Netherlands Radio, Voice of America and other interested broadcasters.


We can’t overestimate the role and the impact of access to tools of communications and participation in the process of media production by citizens. Based on this principle, Booming Media’s award winning team in collaboration with NGOs and citizen journalists and using the dynamic process of participatory video will produce and distribute multimedia products to an international audience. In moving towards this goal we face the challenges of understanding how our efforts will lead to a media that better serves the cultural needs of it’s underserved audience and lead to positive political and economic development.
The main area of interest and focus of this project is on the production by people in their communities, work places and their daily life. This project aims at building strategic partnerships with public and private broadcasters around the world.
To strengthen the capacity of media to promote and help build the information society-raising awareness, channeling civil society concerns and developing innovative ways of managing and resolving conflicts through mediation and negotiations and consensus building.


Aims to:
> Support cultural and political pluralism through the development of participatory video and radio making, documentary and feature films, music and arts
> Supporting citizens to take an active role in producing, and exchanging information, program content, news, art and music.
> Developing effective strategies to counter censorship by creating a platform for those initiatives that bypass official restrictions to reach their audiences
> Supporting creative and critical minds to produce audiovisual programs.
> Engaging more citizens to create content for the media and participate in dialogues about issues effecting their lives.
> Explore and analyze a range of social, political, and economic problems of men & women living in Iran in order to transform public thinking and, ultimately, to impact foreign and national economic and social policies.
> To create accessible, high quality, and entertaining films that address pressing and relevant gender issues.

The contribution of media to an inclusive society lies in its content but the quality and rang of media content is under pressure.

1. Broadcasters established abroad have limited resources for production of local content-programs, news, information and culture.
2. Citizens, artist, documentary and fictional filmmakers, students in social, legal and economic fields have limited ability to present their interviews or programs to the broadcasters.

While programs made by these groups gives us a greater degree of reality in every day live.
Can you see how this would improve the interactive media as it is desired by public media’s in countries where freedom of speech is respected! What about Iran and isolated countries? The aim of this programme is to help develop the environment in which this interaction in media can be achieved.

Booming media is not primarily concerned with maximizing profit, but aims at mutually beneficial business connections, with strong commitment to economic and social concerns. Booming Media Productions is based in Europe (Amsterdam & London) with various partners in Iran, other Middle Eastern countries and United States. These partners are from various sections of Arts scene, underground music industry, social and women NGO’s, street-children organisations, student-groups Our producers can be individuals or groups, connected to a civil society. further seeks to contribute to specific objectives of the Millennium development goals in general and for media and social development in particular.

Deliverable services to our clients:

> Empowers talented citizens to produce television programs (training & tools)
> Developing production projects
> Distributing film and audio visual programs
> Promotion of film and audio visual program
> Protection of producers intellectual property rights

Who are the partners in Iran:
All of partners have the common character of searching for creative tools to reach bigger audiences in the global market place of ideas.

> Women’s initiatives
> Artist’s initiatives
> Street children NGO’s
> Students initiatives

How will they work with us?

> By commissioning talents for production.

We will start the process by inviting a few of the potential collaborators for short brain storming and planning and creation of a pilot project and exploring planning a series of program options.

Local productions of programs concerned with gender relations, domestic violence and ways for woman to get help and cope with abusive situations can aid foster both public awareness and ways for effective intervention mediation, and resolution of conflict and various ways of effective negotiations of conflicts in the family will be explored.

On a broader level we will focus on raising public awareness on effective ways of negotiating for NGO’s in the current sensitive period by using effective means of communications and advocacy and effectivc negotiation methods for dealing with government agencies in confidence building measures.