An IMAX film on Jordan and its magnificent geologic, archaeological and historic sites – with prime focus on Petra, and some footage of Jerash, Wadi Rum, Aqaba, the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea.

The Purpose: to inspire, inform and increase tourism in Jordan by showing people around the world a true — and much bigger-than-life — picture of this small and important country. It may be especially timely for western viewers to learn about Jordan’s warm hospitality and its rich culture that includes fascinating examples of early Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

The Format: The giant-screen IMAX format, utilizing horizontally moving film, is the most spectacular film medium ever invented. Its gigantic screen, crystal-clear imagery and powerful surround-sound audio system create a powerful sense of realism, giving audiences a visceral “you are there” experience.

The Theater: We also propose that an admission-charging IMAX theater be established in Amman, so that the film can be exhibited regularly as an educational and inspirational experience for Jordanians and tourists alike. In addition, there will be a changing schedule of other IMAX productions on subjects ranging from ocean, land and space exploration to Harry Potter and Disney films to tours of other nations.

The Experience: IMAX films provide a unique experience. The screens are up to eight stories high — large enough to show an adult blue whale life-size. In IMAX theaters seating is pitched so that everyone, even small children, can look up, down and sideways to see the entire screen without obstruction. Please email us for a detailed proposal!