Pilot Film Project

Faces from the Screen: Stories of Iran Today

A feature documentary, Faces from the Screen: Stories of Iran Today, is a film that promotes greater understanding between two nations, Iran and the United States, that have been locked in conflict for 25 years. The documentary reveals a new era of hope emerging in Iran. Using cinema as the thematic focus, the film focuses on an Iranian family of filmmakers - Mohsen Makhmalbaf, a leading Iranian filmmaker, his wife Marzieh Meshkini, who won the best first film award at the 2000 Venice International Film Festival, and their daughter Samira, who won an award at the Cannes Film festival in 2000.

For most Americans, Iran still conjures up images of the seizure of the American Embassy in Tehren, crowds burning American flags and women shrouded in black chadors. But dramatic changes have taken place in Iran. The story of Mohsen, Marzieh and Samira illustrates the remarkable vitality of life in Iran today. Each family member embodies the recent history of Iran, from revolution to emerging personal freedom and participation in civil society. The Makhmalbaf family discover themselves through the medium of film.

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